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Deliver the charm of Fukuoka to the world!
Now recruiting team members for a new company

一We are a Fukuoka based business providing top quality services, with driving services contracted with first-class hotels and corporate clients as our core business. Our fleet includes traditional London taxis imported from England and Toyota Vellfires. We have established “Japan Executive Limousine Networks group” that is respond to needs of customers to the international society in collaboration with five premium taxi and limousine service companies that operate and have a long track record at major international airports across Japan and a limousine company in the United States.
Services include:
・Sightseeing guide for domestic and international VIP customers
・Shuttle service for executive officer
・Introduction to Fukuoka culture
◆Laid back work environment
Shift system based on reservations. Flexible work hours compatible with child care. Offering superior service creates a stress-free work environment.
◆Travel guide and reception training provided

Now the story available!

The story of Daito Group is now available on Wantedly!
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A business strategy for the “red ocean” taxi industry

【Providing high-quality services that are commensurate with their prices】
~A business strategy for the “red ocean” taxi industry~

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Learn more about the prospective career of a concierge driver

Learn more about the prospective career of a concierge driver that has attracted even someone who had been a professional engineer for 22 years!

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Eligibility Candidates who have been more than 3 years of obtaining a class 1 driver license.
★Hotel, sales, customer service, business experience welcome
★Candidates with conversational English ability encouraged!
The Specifics
No experience necessary!
But of course, candidates with front desk, concierge, or other hotel experience are also encouraged to apply. Take advantage of your experience offering hospitality to international guests.
★ Driving limousine service for 2-month training period
★ Company pays all costs toward obtaining a class 2 driver license
Work locationHeadoffice:11-30 Futamataseshinmachi , Higashi-ku, Fukuoka-shi,【MAP
Business coverage area: central Fukuoka City
*No relocation
U-turns/I-turns welcome
Working Hours7:00 AM to 5:00 PM (2-hour break, 8 hours of work)
※Shifts determined based on appointments
※Overtime offered depending on circumstances
※Workings hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (8 hours of work) during the 2-month training period.
SalaryMonthly salary: 188,000 yen + commissions / from the 3rd month onwards
Fixed salary of 200,000 yen for the 2-month training period
【Model annual salary】
3.3 million yen (2nd year of employment; 20s / 230,000 yen monthly salary + 2 rounds of bonuses per year)
3.6 million yen (1st year of employment; 30s / 250,000 yen monthly salary + 2 rounds of bonuses per year)
Employee BenefitsWelfare benefits
Pay raises on an ad hoc basis, 2 rounds of bonuses per year, various kinds of social insurance, and retirement allowances subject to company regulations
Days Off6 or 7 days off monthly
(Possible to choose weekends off)
Paid / special leave (weddings, funerals, etc.)
Child care leave
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